Potential Districts

The 2015 historic assets survey of 1,306 Bouldin Creek structures found 687 contributing to the historic period of 1895-1965. Of these, 25 were cited for potential individual listing in the National Register of Historic Places. The architectural historians created a map of 11 distinct areas with high concentrations of contributing structures. These defined prospective local historic districts (LHD). Residents could submit each for city adoption or, in aggregate as a single neighborhood-wide LHD. Prospective district maps include: Arboles, Becker School, J.E. Bouldin Estate, Bon Air, Brackenridge School, James E. Bouldin Addition, Copeland, Loma Linda, Live Oak Grove, Lower Bouldin, South Heights, Upper Bouldin.


Bouldin Creek Neighborhood, Austin, Texas 78704