Bouldin Creek Neighborhood, Austin, Texas 78704 USA

With its close proximity to Austin's earliest urban boundaries, the Bouldin Creek neighborhood was one of the city's first "suburbs," and as such, it's loaded with residential and commercial buildings from different periods of our city's history. In fact this link to South Congress Avenue's history, takes you all the way back to the 14th Century native tribes that freely roamed the area.

The purpose of this site as it develops is to give you an appreciation for our neighborhood's historic significance, and a glimpse at some of the many remaining buildings that reflect the neighborhood's--and by extension the city's--history and development.

The site will also provide economic and cultural reasons why some of these mostly modest residential, commercial, religeous and other structures are historically significant and merit preservation through establishing local historic districts (LHDs).

It will also point out how LHDs can provide the tools, including design standards to preserve the neighborhood's vibrant past and present character in the additions and new structures that are part of a dynamic, growing community.

In the meantime, you can review the city LHD program's survey and nomination process and parameters here and you can get answers to frequently asked questions about the program here.

The undated photo on this page is of the Bouldin family homestead, which stood on what is now the site of Becker Elementary School, Milton at Briar Street.